Power in the Testimony

Power in the Testimony

Did you know there’s so much power when we share what God has done? It’s called the power in the testimony!

In Revelations 19:10, it says “…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

At my church, Bethel Austin, we celebrate the testimony of what’s happened in people’s lives almost every day. It’s important for each of us to know what He did for someone because it can and will unleash a testimony in the next person’s life just as easily.

As you listen to this video I did with GodTV, pay special attention to what you feel like is yours to grab on to for your own healing, your own breakthrough or your own miracle.

And if you need some extra encouragement, we document as many testimonies as we can on the church’s website. There are testimonies on healings, miracles, financial provision, relationships and salvations. That’s why we so firmly believe there’s power in the testimony.

You can find them all here.

To hear more short injects of encouragement, check out other posts in the Faith category on this blog.

And if you have your own testimony from this video, please share! I’d love to hear it in the comments below so I can celebrate with you.

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